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Repurpose – From Trash to Treasure


One of my favorite pastimes is turning what appears to be trash into beautiful repurposed treasures.  Most people who know me know that I am passionate about repurposing.  I get excited when I see perfectly clean cardboard, especially if it is cut into squares.  I use to get excited about cardboard boxes but it was time-consuming having to cut them into the squares that I needed to store them.  I get excited about broken jewelry, any kind of finials, oatmeal boxes and so much more.  There is an unlimited supply of trash treasures that can be turned into beautiful gifts or just to brighten up a room.  

I built a dollhouse over 35 years ago for my daughter.  I built it from a kit. However, I secured it by using wood glue.  I then used plaster to create a stucco exterior.  I have remodeled it at least four times over the 35 years.  I am now in the process of remodeling it again and creating new furniture from items around the house such as cardboard, old curtains, old jewelry, fabric swatches, etc.  I can’t wait for you to see some more of my favorite treasures created from trash. The beautiful jar below is a repurposed barbicide jar.

From a spiritual point of view, no matter what we go through in life, just know that we are treasured, we are not trash.  Nothing can separate us from Him.  Have a fabulous day on purpose!




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