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Hello Beautiful People! I Will Be Adding More Content Weekly So Please Stop Again Soon!

Hello Beautiful People! 


Welcome to Beebe Love’s Beauty Blog!

I am Beebe Love, founder of Beebe Love’s Beauty.  I am a wife, mother, Mimi, and serial entrepreneur.  I created this blog to motivate, inform, provide mental stimulation, promote beauty, educate, inspire and encourage other women over 50 in embracing their inner beauty and becoming Seasoned Beauties (NOT senior citizens) through self-improvement, personal growth, faith walk, and entrepreneurship.  I want to share what I have learned while on this Journey to Seasoned Beauty Status.

I created my first blog years ago entitled “My Age, Not Your Business,” and several other beauty/self-improvement blogs over the years on different platforms.  I am the published author of two books, “Broken Promises” and “Beebe, The Optimistic Oak Tree.” Retiring from behind the salon chair in 2016,  I had been a beauty salon owner/boutique owner,  then salon manager for over 30 years, and at different times in my career, I also worked in corporate as a project manager, corporate salon manager, administrative manager, practice manager, and small business coach. I have assisted in development, launching, and coaching small businesses.  

I am passionate about the beauty world which includes skin care, hair care, physical and mental health.  I believe in nutritional fortitude because what goes into our bodies are more important than what we put on our bodies.   I find beauty in most everything.  I am passionate about family, relationships and my walk with God.  I believe in strong family ties as they are the foundation of a beautiful life.

I am a true kid at heart so in my spare time, I love working with miniatures…dollhouses and dollhouse furniture.  I also love playing in the rain, taking long walks, enjoying nature, and finding beauty in the simple please of loving life. I look forward to sharing my experiences in this season of my life.

I am passionate about family and my relationship with God.

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